Newport Beach's Coastal Charms

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Along the pristine shores of Newport Beach, Little Inn by Bay Resort offers a tranquil retreat amidst the vibrant energy of Southern California. Just steps away from the iconic Newport Pier and its sun-kissed sands, guests are greeted by a blend of coastal charm and modern luxury. With a myriad of nearby attractions awaiting exploration, from the historic Balboa Fun Zone to the serene beauty of Crystal Cove State Park, every day promises new adventures.

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Electric Bike Rentals

0.4 Miles

Just steps from our hotel, Electric Bikes of Newport Beach invites you to experience the coastal beauty of Newport Beach on their eco-friendly electric bikes. Use code LIBTB10 for 10% off your rental!

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  • The image shows the view under a wooden pier on a beach during sunset, with long shadows cast by the pier's supports and the ocean visible in the distance.

Newport Beach Pier

0.4 Miles

Just a stone's throw away from Little Inn by Bay Resort lies the iconic Newport Pier, beckoning visitors to immerse themselves in the quintessential charm of Newport Beach.

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  • A wooden dock extends into calm waters with boats moored nearby, including a red kayak and others covered with blue tarps, in a serene setting.

Balboa Island

3.7 Miles

Nestled within reach of Little Inn by Bay Resort lies the enchanting Balboa Island, a gem of Newport Beach. Accessible by ferry, this idyllic island is a haven of charm and relaxation.

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OC Fair & Event Center

4.7 Miles

Hosting a plethora of events year-round, from the iconic Orange County Fair to concerts, expos, and festivals, this sprawling venue buzzes with energy and creativity.

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Restaurants & Bars

Savor the culinary diversity of Newport Beach with an array of restaurants and bars just moments away waterfront dining options offering freshly caught seafood & ocean views.

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Travelling with Kids

At Little Inn by the Bay, we understand the joys and challenges of traveling with kids, which is why we've tailored our accommodations and amenities to cater to families like yours.

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Couples, Business & Solo Travelers

At Little Inn by the Bay, we cater not only to families but also to couples, business travelers, and solo adventurers, ensuring that every guest enjoys a memorable and comfortable stay.

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  • A two-story beach house with wooden accents, outdoor seating, lush plants, and a bright blue sky in the background.

Crystal Cove State Park

6.3 Miles

Stretching along miles of pristine coastline, this picturesque park encompasses rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and pristine tide pools teeming with marine life.

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  • The image shows a scenic coastal view with boats on the water, houses on the waterfront, and vegetation in the foreground.

Castaways Park

2.2 Miles

Castaways Park offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Situated near Little Inn by Bay Resort, this picturesque park is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

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  • Aerial view of several boats docked at a marina, with one sailboat maneuvering away from the dock into the open water, creating ripples.

Bayside Village Marina

2.5 Miles

This charming marina offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and boating amenities, making it a sought-after destination for maritime enthusiasts.

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Westcliff Park

3.2 Miles

This charming neighborhood park provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, inviting visitors to relax and unwind in a tranquil setting.

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  • A woman sits in a luxurious outdoor seating area on a wooden deck overlooking a calm sea, with a glass table in the center and a slide leading into the water.

The Lido Isle Yacht Club

1.2 Miles

Situated within the charming Lido Isle neighborhood of Newport Beach, the Lido Isle Yacht Club is celebrated for its maritime excellence and strong community ties.

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